Wifi Hotspot and Smart Cities Monetization

Monetize your existing wifi hotspots with corpus' smart monetization solution ,now equipped with latest Content! Corpus' Monetization Solution helps operators expand their network, reduce congestion and deliver value-based Wi-Fi services that compel customers, partners, and advertisers alike.

Corpus' WiFi smart monetization solution is built to address major challenges, including ROI, costs of operation, and maintenance and Integration with existing networks.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce network congestion.
  • Lower operational costs.
  • Reduce Churn.
  • Maximize Revenue Potential.

The development of new technologies enables learners to learn more effectively, efficiently, flexibly and comfortably. Learners utilize smart devices to access digital resources through wireless network and to immerse in both personalized and seamless learning. Smart education, a concept that describes learning in digital age, has gained increased attention.

Corpus introduces a technological architecture of smart education, which emphasizes the role of smart computing. Corpus’ goal of smart learning environment is to provide self-learning, self-motivated and personalized services which learners can attend courses at their own pace and are able to access the personalized learning content according to their personal difference.

Major issue in today’s world ,the design of new cities as well as in the refurbishment of old towns and cities is the importance of integrating the impacts of climate change on future plans. Cities will need to be designed in a manner that makes them climate resilient. In simple terms, the infrastructure and systems in a city would have to enable adaptation measures being facilitated, by which they are able to reduce the risks from climate change impacts for both life as well as property.

Public kiosks can help support smart city initiatives by delivering real-time information, services, and alerts to citizens and visitors—quickly and cost-effectively. Corpus provides near-real-time audience analytics, making public kiosks more valuable to retailers and brands who can deliver customized messages.

"Smart Kiosk" systems that can provide interactive experiences, user tracking analytics, real-time communication and repair details to better engage users and provide better ROI's for their owners.

Public kiosks can be built for a range of capabilities:

  • Provide valuable public services and information.
  • Support public health and safety initiatives.
  • Generate revenue through advertising.
  • Help protect data, content, and infrastructure.

Streaming on Wheels is focused on providing content on demand in public transports like buses, railways, vessels, etc. For this, Corpus has launched its local wifi box which is an industrial-level intelligent terminal applicable to the public transportation scenario unavailable to be covered in the wired network. It adopts the 3G/4G high-speed wireless network as the data bearer network and provides secure and express Internet service for users. The local wifi box provides Movies, News, TV shows, Kids content, Games to keep a user busy throughout the journey. Corpus has reinvented the travel experience with its ground breaking innovation and therefore pushed the technology boundaries to take passenger experience to the next level.

Enrich the classroom experiences and increase student’s engagement using online learning as your base model. Corpus is creating the next wave with OTT in the education industry.

Tech-savvy educators know they must stay on top of the myriad changes and trends in education to learn how teaching and learning can best benefit from technology's near-constant change.

  • Learning a second language, building on communication skills and absorbing other cultures has never been easier
  • A time, money and resource saving solution for all educators