Online OTT (Over the Top) Video Service Platform

Manage, Publish, Measure, Personalize and Monetize with Corpus End-to-End Video OTT platform. Combine the entire OTT workflow into one seamless system for better business performance and end-user experience. Corpus industry-leading end-to-end OTT solution assist broadcasters, operators, media companies, content aggregators build more engaged and more lucrative audiences, and monetize video and TV with personalized, interactive experiences across any screen

Corpus widely deployed OTT video platform, with modularity that enables unprecedented levels of customization and integration. Corpus as OTT video providers provide content owners, broadcasters and service providers a cost-effective entry point that incorporates out-of-the-box all the functionality required to launch a compelling OTT video services in the shortest time to market - as little as 6 weeks.

Our robust solution removes all your OTT complexities by streamlining your Video OTT journey

OTT video platform