13 JULY 2016

Corpus Riding the OTT Wave


Corpus, an industry leading OTT/IPTV platform provider, today announced that it has signed up with two more OTT service providers to offer its multi-screen OTT middleware platform. With these customer wins, Corpus has spread its wings to several countries in Asia and Americas. We have worked hard over the last few years to harden the core of its platform, while continuously winning customers. We have built customized native mobile applications and created a scalable architecture to handle millions of users on the network. We are determined to be the most flexible, innovative and customer-oriented provider in the market.


Corpus is riding the wave of the rapidly growing subscriber base for OTT content as cable and satellite companies are making the migration to OTT. Corpus' value proposition hits a sweet-spot with these large service providers as well as with new entrants, the owners of valuable video-content, who intend to distribute over the Internet to any device. We are also partnering with System Integrators to expand to the market outside of our present footprint, and in particular in the US, Europe and LatAm.


Sachin Tummala, CEO at Corpus, remarked, "We have always strived to offer innovative and flexible technology solutions and commercial models to power up businesses. We are happy that our customers have believed in our capabilities and have brought in more customers and help us achieve the double-digit mark. We will continue to strength our platform to ensure engaging user experience ad monetization options for the service providers."


Corpus is a technology company with the right blend of critical thinking and engineering curiosity to help customers 'turns ideas into revenue' with a unique mix of onsite, near-shore and off-shore global delivery model. Corpus, aimed at achieving excellence in the field of Digital Media Entertainment, Embedded systems and Business Analytics across verticals, is strongly supported by motivated and skilled talent pool with right mix of variant technologies, R&D centers, offices and partners worldwide. Corpus, started in 1999, has headquarters in Hyderabad (India), and R&D centers at Bangalore (India) and Johannesburg (South Africa) and global offices at USA, Europe and APAC.



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