23 AUGUST 2016

Corpus Middleware platform to power VOD services on BCN Cable Network.


BCN, a leading cable MSO in Andhra Pradesh, today announced that it has partnered with Corpus to offer PUSH video-on-demand (VOD) services. BCN aims to empower consumers to enjoy the new era of home entertainment where viewers will be able to watch the Video content ranging from movies on Demand, recorded TV shows to knowledge videos. Video content will be pushed directly to the subscriber STB and the viewer will have the leverage of selecting and watching the downloaded content as and when they want along with the playback control (play, fast forward, rewind, pause, stop.).



We chose to partner with Corpus because of their previous track record deploying an integrated Middleware and VOD solution on both HD and SD STB's even in the most complex environment says Mr. Srinivas Raju of BCN. And the demos will be presented by Corpus at Cablenet Expovision 2016 in BCN Booth. Corpus will deploy its VAS Middleware in the STBs to enable PushVOD services and it will be available with variety of purchase option and advance content protection on the high end devices. During transmission the content will be encoded, encrypted and pushed to the subscribers STB. All rights associated to the stored content are managed by the CAS. The transaction is also handled by the CAS and billing information provided to the Subscriber Management System in the head-end. Mr. Raju of BCN is betting high on integrating PushVOD services with the help of Corpus to effectively distribute content, utilize bandwidth, and maintain high standards of customer satisfaction. Corpus VAS Middleware will provide additional services to BCN consumers with "add-ons" like Education, Music, Games, Horoscope, Kidsworld, Healthcare, e-Sava and e-News etc with a consumer-friendly navigation. The system will allow BCN to dynamically manage the distribution, update and remove content on the device, and offer BCN consumers immediate access to content stored on the device. The downloaded content is usually deleted after a predefined period to make room for new content.


Sachin Tummala CEO of Corpus said, "As we move further into an on-demand world, where viewers are looking for more opportunities to take control of their viewing schedules. We are very delighted to work in partnership with BCN on Push-VoD service to meet their needs. We are confident that BCN will set higher benchmark in the entertainment industry by addressing the need of subscribers".


About Corpus:

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