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Digital India- A Sea of Opportunities!!

Gone are those days when people used to stand under blazing sun in long queues for transactions at bank, when they used to travel long distance just to complete some paper work, and be physically present at a place in order to inquire about the services, when their thumb impressions used to be mandatory for legal works and the counting goes on…

The popularity of Digital India campaign, rolled out in 2015 as an initiative to make the services digitally accessible to people, has hardly left anyone unaware of this programme. As a part of this initiative many government services have gone digital.

Vision of Digital India programme is:

  1. Delivering government services digitally.
  2. Development of digital infrastructure which is secure and also stable.
  3. Universal Digital Literacy.

The main motive of Government of India now is ensuring that the services offered by them are available to the citizens electronically by the improved online facilities. With this idea of improving digital literacy and connecting people across India with high-speed internet services, the project has given a momentum to India’s economy, employment opportunities, improved service delivery, Make in India, Digital India and Startup India initiatives. The project plays crucial role in the digital revolution that is sweeping through every sphere of life – Education, Business, and Entertainment, Environment, Health & e-Governance services.

Moreover, this plan will also ensure the growth and development in the rural areas by connecting them with high-speed internet services. This will improve their skills and knowledge of Internet, thus allowing them to access facilities online that they used to avail by travelling long distances to nearby cities. One major step taken by the Government of India for the upliftment of rural people is BharatNet Project. Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL), is envisaged as a non-discriminatory telecom infrastructure for the establishment, management & operation of National Optical Fiber Network to provide a minimum of 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps broadband connectivity to each one of all 250,000 Gram Panchayats of all the states in the country, covering nearly 625,000 villages. Its main motto is to provide 15 Mbit/s connections to nearly 1.3 crore households that too at a minimal charge.

Now, what is the contribution of Corpus towards the prominent BharatNet project under Digital India programme?

Under this Umbrella project, Corpus offers a hardware and software platform that offers myriad services like e-Healthcare, e-Education, e-Governance, e-Commerce, e-Seva services, Job portals, Video Conferencing, Skill development-through educational applications, e-Healthcare, e-Governance services: Land records, Birth/Death certificates, Panchayat Management, Pubic Internet access, Community Participation: Intra-village, intra-district sharing of practices & resources etc. These services are offered by innovative, futuristic, low cost, open standards triple play STB box that is easily affordable by masses and provides an integrated voice, video and data services to the households through one single CPE.

Digital India programme has the potential to overhaul the entire economy of a Futuristic India. According to analysts, the Digital India plan could boost GDP up to $1 trillion by 2025.

Go digital and dive in this sea of opportunities!!

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