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Smart Education- Towards Smarter Generation

Technology has upgraded the old school methods of teaching and learning. From students carrying heavy school bags and managing their notebooks to completing and updating their assignments digitally, these are the changes that were not brought overnight. It has impacted both schools and colleges. Not only it has mitigated the burden of students but it has also brought a revolution in the evaluation procedures used by teachers. It is a gift of technology to us that nowadays learning can take place anytime and anywhere via the utilization of smart devices. All you need to have is a tablet, laptop or an e-learning device with you and everything is available just at a click.

Technological advancements that have made classrooms smarter and life easier for us:

Laptop/Tablet: The most important tool of a smart classroom that comes in handy when accessing and storing the modules digitally. This lessens the burden of both students and teachers and enables them to interact in real time.

Smart projectors: This helps you to convert any surface (simple projector, white boards or even a wall) into an interactive surface and allows the user to interact with the content directly using a smart pen or a stylus. It also saves the time wasted in writing on conventional black boards.

Interactive Podium: This is a digital lecture delivering stand that is equipped with various media devices such as mic and speakers that allows teachers to interact with entire classroom with such ease.

And there are many more…

But how does CORPUS come to your rescue?

So here are Smart Education arsenals provided by CORPUS that have impacted the lives of students and bridged the gap between conventional and modern ways of teaching:

  1. Learning Management System

We provide complete 3D/2D animation-based K-12 digital content that can be modified as per school curriculum requirements and assessment software that lessens the burden of teachers. It is a dynamic tool that can be taken both in offline as well as online mode.

  1. Android Tablet Solution

Android based tablet coupled with 1-year license for curriculum mapped K-12 digital content that is supported by robust assessment software.

  1. Online Education Portal

High definition 3D/2D animation-based content strictly mapped to CBSE/ ICSE/ STATE boards. It also provides assessment software with over 1 lac questions, full length test series for competitive exams along with extensive feedback and test analysis reports.

  1. Assessment Suite

This feature enables teachers to create their own course content such as quizzes, notes and worksheets. This helps teachers to monitor and control the student activity on real time basis.

The recent market research report from Technavio predicts the smart classroom market in India to grow at a CAGR of more than 20% during the forecast period of 2016 to 2020. Smart education is a new revolution that is rapidly spreading its roots across the globe and will prove to be a boon in near future.


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