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Make Way For Multi Screen Content

It is no more a big news that users these days are highly advanced. Shocking images are no longer enough to keep the user’s attention. The need to be part of what is being seen and to get additional information on the issues we are interested in has made it essential to use the second screen.
The attention of users to ads embedded in videos is plummeting from the possibility of consuming other content on a mobile device. The brands have realized this phenomenon and begin to launch strategies marketing for smartphones generating synergy with audiovisual content for the Internet or television.

Mobile Marketing
Mobile marketing strategies vary according to the goal you want to achieve but focus on two large groups: apps and videos. These applications are a significant point for mobile marketing. On the other hand, the video is still the main protagonist to get a message. The video on mobile, advertising display and rich media, incorporating interactivity, are the formats most used. Thanks to the images, the movements and the interactivity, you get more benefits and a more lasting memory of the brand.
The contents must be adapted to the different devices
The contents that are generated for the various types of devices have to be according to their size and the use given by the user. The generalization of different multi-screen app has forced the use of responsive systems, which dynamically adapt the content according to the dimensions where it is to be visualized.

Regarding use, we find different types of consumers: those who seek to deepen the content they are consuming; those who want to socialize by hanging posts, tweets, etc.; those who consume products and those who perform tasks outside the content they are consuming like checking e-mail.

The new multimedia devices have led to the proliferation of a new consumer profile of audiovisual content that needs multi screen app to meet their needs. Therefore, companies have to adapt their actions to these new media and produce audiovisual content that fits this new reality.

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