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Streaming On Wheels


With growing technology, world is becoming dynamic. There’s a smartphone in every pocket and 4G network ( thanks to Jio) has enabled a new trend in the Video Industry. Today’s need for entertainment has also increased due to increased availability. To cater to the ever growing need of the masses, after wire line and wireless OTT, Corpus introduces “Streaming on Wheels”.

“Streaming on Wheels” is focused on providing content on demand in public transports like buses, railways, vessels, etc. Corpus’ Streaming on wheels technology is built specifically for the unique needs of people travelling and wanting to be entertained. A local wifi box is introduced, which is an industrial-level intelligent terminal applicable to the public transportation scenario unavailable to be covered in the wired network. It adopts the 3G/4G high-speed wireless network as the data bearer network and provides secure and express Internet service for users. The local wifi box provides Movies, News, TV shows, Kids content, Games to keep a user busy throughout the journey. Now you can watch your favorite movies and shows and make your travel time easy.


Corpus has reinvented the travel experience with its ground breaking innovation and therefore pushed the technology boundaries to take passenger experience to the next level. Corpus solution aims to make a passenger’s journey entertaining and also to give them a feeling like they have arrived at their destination before they know it.

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