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Regional OTT- Something For Everyone


The digital landscape of the video market is evolving rapidly, adapting to shifting viewing habits. In particular, the rise of in-market streaming indicates networks’ intention to reach viewers wherever they are and on whatever device they prefer, rather than encourage all viewers to watch the linear telecast on their living-room screens. This is where OTT comes into action!

India is a country which is made up of different cultures! Its population is diverse and demands are different. With the focus on ‘Digital India’, India is witnessing a momentum that is tilting towards engaging and engrossing each and every individual towards the digital platform. And as more consumers get digital saavy and data infrastructure becomes cheaper, the need of the hour is OTT with regional content.

This is a great opportunity for all the regional content owners to have their content monetized. With Regional content being the next big thing, there has been a substantial rise in the regional advertisements over digital OTT services. Online is expected to be the largest platform for digital advertisements in local languages in the next five years.

Exclusive and regional content has provided a push to the OTT industry. The regional language revolution is taking off and is evident from the slow shift in content strategy of OTT players in India. Of the regional languages on offer, content in languages like Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, and Punjabi have many takers. Regional content will become very critical and the growth prospect is huge. It is an untapped market, still not taken over by one single player.

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