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Usually websites have only one central server. If the website’s target visitors are only based in a small geographical region around the server, then this might work.
However, when targeting international users, and even visitors from the other side of the country, those users will start to encounter slower load times. This is due to the greater distance information has to travel from the server to international users computer.
In order to reduce load times, we have to reduce this distance. This is where CDNs or Content Delivery Networks come into play.
Content delivery networks have servers in many locations across the globe. These servers host the content of websites e.g. images, videos, etc. By hosting them in locations which are closer to the end user, it reduces the distance information has to travel, thus decreasing how long it takes to load a website.
No single content delivery network has a 100% performing global footprint. To be able to deliver in high definition quality all over the world, Corpus deployed the multi CDN strategy. Many PoPs (points of presence) around the globe allow its users to load the site as fast as possible. Multi CDN technology combines a range of existing CDN providers into one large global network. This technology kinetically optimizes and confederates leading cloud and network infrastructure providers across the globe to rapidly, securely and reliably accelerate web content to users wherever they are in the world.
Corpus introduces fully integrated streaming delivery through many pre-integrated CDN partners. You have one OTT partner and one integration partner: Corpus. Compete with the best performing global OTT providers at the lowest costs.

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